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AAMI Travel Insurance


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Who is Covered by an AAMI Insurance Policy?

All permanent Australian residents between the ages of 18 and 65 years old and their dependent children can be covered.

The AAMI single policy covers:

  • The adult names as the policyholder on the insurance schedule.

  • A dependent child that is named on the policy schedule.

The AAMI multi-person policy covers:

  • Up to two adults and eight dependent children.

  • The adult named as the policyholder on the the schedule.

  • The other adult or dependent children who travel with the policyholder on the journey, who are named on the policy schedule.

The Benefits of Choosing AAMI Travel Insurance

Unlimited medical expenses: AAMI offer comprehensive medical cover for various procedures and related to illnesses, injuries, and death, including dental repair surgery after an injury.

Baggage replacement: Any luggage that is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair on your travels overseas, will be replaced with new luggage by AAMI.

Competitively priced policy: AAMI offers a comprehensive policy package, with a range of benefits, at a competitive price.

Cancellation cover: Any flights or accommodation which has bee pre-booked, will be covered by your AAMI policy if they are cancelled for any reason.

Extended period of cover: If your trip is involuntarily extended due to medical reasons or anything else, you will receive free extended cover for the extra time you need to stay.

Cover for single, couples, or families: There are different policies available for singles or multiples. The singles policy covers one adult and one child, while the multiples policy covers up to two adults and eight children.

General Exclusions from AAMI Insurance

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions not automatically covered by AAMI.

  • Contracting of HIV or AIDS.

  • Any sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Intentional self-injury including suicide and attempted suicide.

  • Any elective cosmetic or detnal procedures that are not medically necessary.

  • Reckless behaviour as a result of drugs or alcohol abuse.

  • Negligent behaviour resulting in damage or loss of property or physical harm.

  • Consequential loss of any kind, including loss of enjoyment or finance.

  • Wear and tear, corrosion, or deterioration of any of your belongings.

  • Any fraud or fraudulent devices used by you.

  • Financial instability of any transport company, accomodation provider, airline, tour operator, or other services, resulting in them being unable to offer a service.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions Covered by AAMI

- Asthma

- Breast cancer / Prostate cancer

- Cataracts / Glaucoma

- Coeliac Disease

- Diabetes / Glucose Intolerance

- Ear Grommets

- Epilepsy

- Gastric Reflux

- Gout

- Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)

- Hiatus Hernia

- Hip / Knee Replacement

- Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)

- Hypertension (high blood pressure

- Menopause

- Peptic Ulcer

- Underactive Thyroid

Making a Claim Through AAMI

  • Email AAMI on to make a claim or call from outside Australia on +61 7 3305 7053 or within Australia on 13 22 44 to make a claim.

  • Provide AAMi with full details of the claim in writing.

  • Provide all the relevant valuations, receipts, reports, or other evidence of ownership, expenses or liability.

  • Provide written statements and other documentation to back up your claim.

  • Be willing to undergo an interview about the circumstances surrounding your claim, and to appear in court if necessary to give evidence for your claim.

Cooling-Off Period

You are given a 21-day period to cancel your policy with AAMI if you choose to do so. If you cancel within this window period, you will be given a full refund for the unexpired portion of the premium, minus any non-refundable government charges that may have been incurred. This is subject to you not yet commencing your journey or making a claim through the policy.

AAMI Contact Details


AAI Limited trading as AAMI


Enquiry Number

13 22 44

Postal Address

PO Box 14180, Melbourne City Mail Centre, Victoria 8001

Claims Contact Number

Within Australia: 13 22 44

From overseas: +61 7 3305 7053 (reverse charges apply)

Claims Email Address

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