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Getting Travel Cover When You've Already Left Australia

We've all been there: passed the point of no return on our way to a well deserved holiday, only to start worrying about whether or not you remembered to turn off all the lights, or even the stove. But worse than that is the realisation - as your plane takes off - is that you never got around to taking out travel insurance.

You can always ask a friend or family member to pop around to your place to check that everything that should be off is off. But they can't help you at all if it's travel insurance you have forgotten.

man in airport

Fortunately, it is still possible to take out travel insurance, even if you're already overseas, though not all insurers offer this. Comparing travel insurance quotes for Australians already overseas is a lot easier when done online, since you will have access to multiple quotes and policies that you can compare, ensuring you get the best deal, and the right amount of cover.

What to Know About Travel Insurance For Australians Already Overseas

Taking out travel insurance when you're already overseas isn't that different to getting it before you leave, but there are a few important points to be aware of:

  • You must be an Australian resident, and you must be returning to Australia, with your return ticket already booked.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. This is usually because the insurers have no way of verifying the nature of pre-existing conditions, with you unable to submit to a medical examination, or provide supporting documentation if you're already overseas.

  • All other benefits will be the same as with other international travel insurance policies. These include:

    • Emergency assistance

    • Emergency transportation

    • Medical expenses

    • Lost or stolen luggage

    • Cancellations and delays

    • Rental vehicle excess

    • Personal liability

  • There may be age limits attached to the travel insurance, which will differ from one insurer to the next. Additionally, you may only be able to get cover for a maximum of 12-months. Check the Product Disclosure Statements for exact terms and conditions.

  • The cover only applies from the date the policy application is processed and approved. You will not be able to claim for anything that occured before your policy becomes active. You may also be subject to a 48-hour to 72-hour waiting period for any medical claims.

  • The cost of your travel insurance will also be influenced by your location, and any high-risk activities you plan on participating in. You may also find some areas affected by serious travel advisories excluded completely from some policy documents.

What if I Plan on Being Away For Longer Than 12-Months?

The maximum amount of coverage offered in travel insurance policies is for 12-months. If you intend being away for longer than 12-months, or decide to extend your trip while already travelling, you should contact us about extending your policy. This should be done before you current travel insurance expires, but you will still be required to have your trip end with you returning to Australia.