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Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for Frequent Travellers

Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance is the ideal type of travel insurance for anyone planning on making multiple trips in a year, whether it's for business, fulfilling a lifelong dream, or simply because you love to travel, and are able to. Insurers refer to these policies by different names, with some calling them Annual Multi Trip policies, Multi Journey, or Annual Frequent Traveller insurance, but they are all designed for anyone who expects to travel multiple times a year.

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What makes annual travel insurance so ideal is the fact that it replaces the need for a new travel insurance policy each time you travel, and you don't even need to know the details of every trip in advance. You only need the date of your first trip to get started, and you'll be automatically covered for any other trips you make within the next 12-months.

Not travelling alone? No problem.

Our annual multi trip travel insurance policies are available for a single traveller, or up to two adult travellers and 10 dependent children, with free coverage for dependent children.

Who should take out multi trip travel insurance?

Multi trip travel insurance policies are perfect for frequent travel: whether you are a business person travelling extensively for work, a couple or family planning on making several trips in one year, a backpacker visiting multiple countries, or even a retired couple taking multiple sea cruisers each year.

Each insurer offering annual or multi trip travel insurance has specific requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for this type of insurance policy, and they typically include:

  • An age limit for both dependent children and adults. You and/or your dependent children would need to be under this age limit when the policy is taken out, and for the duration of the policy.

  • You need to be an Australian citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia, and you must be returning to Australia at the end of each trip.

  • The policy needs to be bought before your first trip, while still in Australia, and no more than 12-months ahead of time.

  • Although there are seldom limits on the number of trips you can take in a 12-month period, there are usually limits to the length of each trip. These vary from 30 to 90 days, but are always disclosed by each insurer.

Why should you get multi trip travel insurance?

Anyone who travels frequently will know that buying travel insurance for each trip can be quite inconvenient, and costly, especially if you travel more than three times in a year. There's also the risk of not being covered for part of your trip. Some travel insurance policies include a waiting period before the benefits are available, and if you have to travel on short notice, you may not be covered for your trip, in part or in full.

Although the terms of each policy differs, with annual or multi trip travel insurance you will always have peace-of-mind knowing that you are covered with the benefits that matter to you, every single time you travel, no matter how unexpected it is. And all for a single, once-off payment.

What are the benefits of multi trip travel insurance?

Aside from the cost and convenience benefit of multi trip insurance, you will find that each insurer offers different benefits under each type of annual travel insurance policy. Most include cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits, and while all include health and medical benefits, the exact benefit and limits will vary. Always check the product disclosure statement and policy wording for full details of the benefits and the limits for each.

We'll help you compare multiple cheap and affordable annual multi trip travel insurance policies online, making it easy for you to select the best travel insurance for your needs. If you need to extend your trip please contact us before your travel insurance expires to organise an extension or a new policy.