• Travel Insurance and Pregnancy

    December 01, 2013 by Stuart | Category: Travel Insurance Tips

    Most travel insurance policies will cover unexpected medical complications for women up until 20 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. However like most insurance there are some exclusions and restrictions such as, existing complications with the pregnancy, a multiple pregnancy or a pregnancy resulting from an assisted reproductive programme.

    Understand the risks, conditions and exclusions, particularly if your trip extends beyond the maximum weeks of pregnancy permitted. Discuss your travel plans with your doctor and if advised reconsider your plans or do not travel.

    Consider the standard of medical services in your destination country as most travel insurance policies do not cover the actual birth or the medical care of a newborn.

    Some providers consider pregnancy as a pre-existing medical condition and require a medical assessment prior to issuing insurance. This is commonly done over the phone or by completing a medical assessment form. After completing a medical assessment, some exclusions can be removed by paying an additional premium.

    Read the relevant sections in the insurer’s policy documentation and contact your provider if you have any questions. For useful tips about travelling whilst pregnant see our article Pregnant and Travelling.