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    August 09, 2017 by Stuart | Category: Travel Insurance Tips
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    As we plan a holiday and get travel insurance, we often do so for peace of mind and hope that we don’t need to use it. We want to help you make a claim as quickly as possible, so keep these tips in mind to help the claims process go as smoothly as possible.

    Know your policy

    It is important to know what you are covered for and what you are not covered for under your policy. Read the benefits of your plan and the guidelines under your policy. Each insurer has a product disclosure statement (PDS) which has information about their claims process.

    Keep your receipts

    If you have something stolen, lost or damaged whilst travelling, the insurer requires proof that you owned the item. If you buy anything new for your trip – leave a copy of the receipts in a safe place. Insurers also understand you may not have a receipt for everything, so it is a good idea to take photos of your belongings before you travel. Bank statements or valuations may also be useful as proof.

    Get a police report

    With claims for lost or stolen goods get a police report or a police reference number. Ensure all paperwork is noted with dates and times.

    Contact the claims department ASAP

    If medical assistance overseas is required, you should contact the emergency assistance team as soon as practicable. For stolen or lost items get a police report as soon as possible. If you have any doubts or questions, contact your insurer straight away.

    Keep all your documents and paperwork

    When making a claim, it’s always best to provide more information than not enough. Be as detailed as possible with your claim. If the Claims Department requires further information, this may delay the process. If you are awaiting further information (such as police reports, etc.), you can still submit your claim and provide those documents later. If you have booked your trip through a travel agent – they may be able to assist you.

    Make copies

    If you are mailing your claim form with supporting documents – ensure you have made a copy of everything for your records.

    Contact the relevant Claims Department

    Travelinsurance.com.au is an agent for four different travel insurers. You will need to contact them directly with your intent to claim or to obtain any additional information on the claims process. We can provide you with the claim forms, information regarding your application and contact information for the relevant claims department.

    Fill in all necessary fields on your claims form

    For speedy processing of your claim, always ensure you have filled out the necessary fields on the claims form. Ensure you have signed and dated the forms and provided accompanying evidence to back up your claim. Your insurer may also have an online option to submit your claim.

    Visit Our Insurers for claims contact numbers.