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Coles Travel Insurance


Coles Travel Insurance is currently not available through You are welcome to visit their website for more information or compare travel insurance options available from us.

Coles Travel Insurance Plans

Compared to other travel insurance products, the plans offered by Coles Travel Insurance are more limited, and further restricted by only being available when booking through flybuys travel.

  • International Cover – Standard International Cover offers benefits most commonly used or needed during international travel, but excludes benefits such as Special Events, Loss of Income, Disability, and Accidental Death. These benefits, and higher limits on some other benefits, are only available when selecting International Comprehensive Cover. However, both policies only apply to single trips, with no annual or multi-trip policy offered by Coles. You must be 70 years old or younger at the time the policy is issued.
  • Domestic Cover – Coles Travel Insurance does not offer any form of comprehensive domestic travel insurance, with the only benefits available for domestic travel being for Ticket Protection and Luggage and Travel Documents. You must be 69 years old or younger at the time the policy is issued.

Coles Travel Insurance Benefits


Benefit Limits

International Cover

International Comprehensive Cover

Domestic Ticket Protection and Luggage Cover

Overseas Medical and Dental Expenses

Overseas Medical Expenses1




Health related emergency accommodation and transport1




Overseas Dental Expenses1




Emergency Accommodation and Transport2




Amendment or Cancellation Costs2




Ticket Protection



Luggage and Personal Effects2




Travel Documents



Delayed Luggage Allowance








Rental Car Insurance Excess




Travel Delay2




Resumption of Journey




Special Events




Hospital Incidentals2




Loss of Income2








Accidental Death2




Personal Liability




1 Medical, dental cover, and related expenses will not exceed 12 months from the onset of the illness or injury. 

2 Sub-limits apply.

Coles Travel Insurance and Recreational Activities

Participation in certain recreational activities is automatically covered with either of the two International Travel policies offered by Coles Insurance. These include abseiling, bungy jumping, horse riding, jet skiing, white water rafting, and others as listed in the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Amateur snow sports and riding of motorcycles is also covered, but with specific conditions attached to both, and certain general exclusions applying to all recreational activities. It is important for travellers to know what these are as they could affect claims submitted to Coles Insurance.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions and Coles Travel Cover

Coles Travel Insurance does not offer any cover for pre-existing medical conditions on the International Travel policy. That means they will not process any claims directly or indirectly related to any pre-existing medical conditions you or your travel companions have. It is also important to note that the health of relatives or business partners not travelling with you could also affect claims, particularly in relation to travel amendment or cancellation costs. Certain pre-existing medical conditions – with specific criteria attached to each – are included with Domestic Cover, but this would be in relation to the Ticket Protection benefit, since domestic travel does not include any cover for medical treatment.

Coles Travel Insurance and Emergency Assistance

24-Hour emergency assistance is available to both domestic and international travellers 365 days a year, though certain services are only available if you submit a claim and it is approved. Before contacting the emergency assistance team make sure you have your policy number available, along with a contact number they can call you back on.

International travellers can call a toll-free number direct from certain countries:

  • USA 1844 871 4086 
  • Canada 1844 819 2470 
  • UK 0808 234 2985 
  • NZ 0800 368 781

Alternative numbers contactable from any country are:

  • Phone +61 2 8907 5086 
  • Fax +61 2 9954 6250

And for domestic travellers:

  • Phone (02) 8907 5957 
  • Fax (02) 9954 6250

Submitting Claims to Coles Travel Insurance

Claims should always be submitted as soon after an event as possible. Claim forms can be obtained:

  • Online via

  • By calling 1300 568 298 
  • Or by sending an email to

Each section of the claim form lists the supporting documentation that is required for particular claims, and any delay in submitting supporting documentation will result in a delay in assessing your claim. Hold onto all documents after submitting a claim as you may be asked to send them through again, or to provide the original documents. The standard excess on International policies is $100 and $50 on Domestic policies.

Contact Details for Coles Travel Insurance


Zurich Australian Insurance Limited


24-hour emergency number

+61 2 8907 5086 (from outside Australia)

(02) 8907 5957 (within Australia)

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