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From Riverboat to Ocean Liner: Get the Right Cover for Your Next Trip

For some people booking a cruise is the ultimate relaxing holiday. Aside from deciding what type of cruise, booking it, and making sure you don't miss the departure, there isn't too much to think about, or plan ahead.

Which is why taking out travel insurance is so easily neglected: you're on a cruise ship, what could go wrong? But as with any form of travel, there are a myriad of things that could go wrong, and where travel insurance would be of great benefit.

Cruise Ship

The main reason for taking out cruise travel insurance

Cruise ships are like floating resorts, and you can either spend most of your time onboard relaxing in the sun, next to the pool, or enjoying any of the activities and amenities available to all passengers. But there are hidden risks in all activities, from sunburn, to a sprained ankle while rock climbing. And while most cruise ships have onboard medical facilities, any treatment you receive will be for your own cost, with Medicare and private health insurance not covering any expenses, even if the ship you're onboard never leaves Australian waters. These medical costs can easily amount to hundreds of dollars, and into the thousands if your injury or illness is severe enough to warrant an emergency evacuation.

Nobody would want, or expect, anything to go wrong, but cruise travel insurance is not about planning for disaster, but rather offering peace-of-mind, so you're able to fully enjoy your well deserved break.

What else does cruise travel insurance cover?

Naturally, cruise travel insurance doesn't only protect you against unexpected medical expenses. You can also expect it to offer protection against you literally missing the boat - due to a delayed connection, a wrong turn on the way to the port, or even sleeping through your alarm. And while lost or delayed luggage is less common than when flying, there is still a chance for something to happen to your luggage, leaving you without a change of clothes. What you're able to buy onboard the ship might not be what you would normally wear, but with travel insurance you would at least be comfortable in the knowledge that some of the costs would be reimbursed.

Of course, there's also a chance that life gets in the way of your planned trip, and you're forced to cancel some, or all of it. With travel insurance you can expect some of the pre-paid costs for the cruise, or any activities - onboard, or on shore - to be covered.

Does normal travel insurance cover cruises?

Some standard travel insurance policies do cover cruises by default, while others offer it as an add-on, and others not at all. This is usually in situations where you need to travel across Australia or internationally before and/or after the cruise. Reading the Product Disclosure Statement will help you understand whether or not it is included, but it is always advisable to mention that part of your trip includes a cruise. If the cruise ship departs and returns to a port that is in your hometown, a dedicated cruise travel insurance policy may be a better option.

When comparing online quotes for travel insurance, look for options that include cruises as part of domestic or international travel, and standalone cruise travel insurance. Compare the cost and benefits of both before deciding which is the better option for your trip. Never only consider cheap travel insurance without first ensuring that the benefits are sufficient, and don't include restrictive terms and exclusions.

We also offer insurance for specific destinations such as Bali.