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Travel Insurance French Polynesia to Australia

Although French Polynesia is a French overseas territory, it also enjoys significant autonomy and is no longer eligible as an aid recipient. This means that unlike many other Pacific island nations French Polynesian students don't qualify for Australia Awards scholarships, but could still be eligible for the Endeavour Awards scholarship program1. Nonetheless, given French Polynesia's geographical location, Australia remains a popular destination for French Polynesian's for tourism, business, and for higher education. In addition to having a valid passport and visa, French Polynesians travelling to Australia should also consider taking out Overseas Visitor travel insurance to safeguard against a number of incidents that could affect your travel.

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Why Should I Take out Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is all about peace-of-mind; it is about providing you with certain benefits if something happens during your trip that you would normally have to pay for out of your own pocket. But all travel insurance for visitors to Australia offer different levels of cover and benefits, so it is important to compare travel insurance before deciding, though typical benefits would include:

Your luggage and certain personal items - if your luggage and some personal items are lost, damaged, or stolen during your trip, travel insurance will provide some financial compensation towards replacing them.

Medical expenses - if you fall ill or are injured during your trip to Australia and require medical attention or even hospitalisation, a good travel insurance policy will provide cover for most of the associated costs of this. Some will even provide a cash allowance for every day that you are in hospital.

Lost deposits and cancellation fees - if some or all of your trip needs to be cancelled or postponed, you risk being out of pocket for any prepaid expenses, but many travel insurance policies will offer cover for this as long as the policy was taken out before any cancellations.

Rental vehicle excess - if you hire a car during your stay in Australia and the car is involved in an accident, or even stolen, you may have to pay an excess even if you took out insurance on the rental vehicle. Some travel insurance policies cover this, up to a specified limit.

Personal liability cover - if for some reason you accidentally injure someone, or damage someone’s property during your stay, you may be found to be legally liable for costs associated with this. Check for inbound travel insurance products that include some personal liability benefits.

Can I Still get Travel Insurance if I am Already in Australia?

If you had to travel on very short notice and weren’t able to take out travel insurance before departing, you can still get travel insurance when you are already in Australia. However, most of the benefits would only be available to you after a short waiting period is served, which could be anything from a few days to a few weeks. You would not be able to claim any benefits for anything that happens during the waiting period, and you would not qualify for any medical cover if you have a pre-existing medical condition, even if you are not currently receiving any treatment for it. This means that it is preferable to always take out travel insurance at the same times as you book your flight and accommodation.

Inbound travel insurance should never be viewed as a financial burden because it offers protection from more serious financial burdens you could be faced with if you don’t have travel insurance.


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