Travel Insurance for Groups

Not all domestic and international trips are taken by a single person, or even a family. There are many reasons why a group of 10 or more people travel together: a church tour, a really special hen do, a literary tour by your book club. Whatever the reason is for a group of people to travel collectively to another Australian city or international destination, travel insurance is still essential, with group travel insurance offering more convenience than individual travel insurance.

When 10 or more people travel together for the same reason, group travel insurance makes sense because:

  • It is more convenient - you request one quote, fill out the paperwork once, and have a single policy that covers everyone, with fewer documents accompanying everyone on the trip.

  • Everyone has the same benefits - there's no worrying about whether or not someone is covered for delayed luggage, cancelled hotel stays, or even certain medical treatments. Everyone has the same benefits, whether the reason for the claim affects only one person, or multiple members of the group.

  • It could be cheaper - a group travel insurance policy can work out considerably cheaper than individual policies, for largely the same type of benefits, whether you're travelling in Australia, or across borders.

How to compare group travel insurance quotes

Not all insurers offer group travel insurance, but we have partnered with insurers who do, allowing you to submit a few basic details online, and receive multiple quotes in return. As a group you can then compare the online quotes looking not only for the cheapest, but the one that offers the best benefits for the group as a whole. It helps if you know if any members of the group have pre-existing medical conditions, or if you will have special needs in terms of luggage. These aren't always covered by default and would need to be declared upfront so that the online quotes can be tailored to include them.

Once you have compared travel insurance quotes and decided on the best policy, establish who will act as the group organiser for travel insurance. The group organiser will complete all the relevant documentation for the insurance policy, listing everyone's details, medical conditions, and more. They will also be responsible for making sure they fully understand the Product Disclosure Statement for the policy everyone decided on, and most importantly of all, what the claims process is, and if anyone needs to have access to additional documents while travelling. With a single person in charge of the group travel insurance, everyone is guaranteed peace-of-mind knowing that whatever happens, a single person will be able to take charge and manage the situation.

As with regular travel insurance policies, your group can expect cover with benefits that fall under:

  • Emergency assistance

  • Emergency transportation

  • Medical expenses

  • Lost or stolen luggage

  • Cancellations and delays

  • Rental vehicle excess

  • Personal liability

Though the limits will differ from regular travel insurance, and you may find specific terms or exclusions attached. As with other travel insurance policies, certain high-risk activities are not covered unless specifically requested. High-risk activities and pre-existing medical conditions can result in a higher premium, but this should not be used as an excuse not to include or mention them and get an even cheaper quote.

We can help you get the right group travel insurance and save money, whether you're travelling to the other side of Australia, or the other side of the world.