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Travel Insurance Kiribati to Australia

Like many Pacific island nations, Kiribati enjoys close bilateral relations with Australia that support local development, trade, security, and people to people contact. Two common initiatives include the Australia Awards1, which allow I-Kiribati students to study at tertiary institutions in Australia, and the Seasonal Worker Programme that connects I-Kiribati workers with Australian employers experiencing semi-skilled labour shortages.

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Typical Benefits for Inbound Travel Insurance

The type of benefits offered, and the benefit limit, vary for all insurers, but some common benefits include:


Applicable limits

per adult

Cancellation or trip deferment costs

Up to $20,000

Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses

Up to $20,000

Medical expenses, including hospitalisation

Up to $200,000

Travel delays

Up to $1,200

Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage and personal effects

Up to $4,000

Personal Liability

Up to $5-million

Always compare benefits and limits carefully before taking out travel insurance to ensure the product you choose offers the best value for money without limiting benefits you could potentially need. If you won’t be renting a vehicle at all, then you don’t need to worry about a rental excess benefit, but good medical and luggage and personal belonging benefits are essential for all travellers.

Common Exclusions for Inbound Travel Insurance

All travel insurance products have certain exclusions or conditions that apply, and with visitors to Australia travel insurance common exclusions could be:

  • Restrictions or waiting periods applied to medical claims, especially if you have an existing medical condition. Some pre-existing medical conditions might be covered automatically, but you should refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see what these are.
  • An age restriction, with the policy not being available to travellers above a certain age.
  • Cover for your trip to and within Australia, and for your trip back home, only applies if the Certificate of Insurance is issued before you depart. If you only purchase insurance once in Australia, then certain benefits will not be available, and others will have waiting periods applied to them.
  • It can include cover for short stays in other countries too, but only if most of your trip is within Australia.

Conditions and exclusions will be listed in the Product Disclosure Statement for any policies you are considering. Read through them carefully before making your decision.

Cover for Seasonal Workers and Students

Some travellers from Kiribati to Australia might be visiting for the purposes of seasonal work, or even to study. These travellers need special visas, and one of the requirements for these visas is that the worker or student has adequate health insurance. This is separate to travel insurance, but it does not replace the need for travel insurance, since all that it offers is access to certain medical benefits. Having travel insurance on top of Overseas Visitors Cover would still provide other benefits such as travel cancellations and lost or stolen luggage and personal belongings.

What About an Excess?

An excess will apply to most claims, with full details listed in the PDS and on your Certificate of Insurance. In most instances the excess will be deducted from any benefit payments made to you, but it is also possible with some policies to pay a higher premium and not have to worry about any excess.


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