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Travel Insurance Micronesia to Australia

Like the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is an independent country in a Compact of Free Association with the United States. However, like most other Pacific island nations, the FSM has excellent bilateral relations with Australia, with the Australian Embassy based in Pohnpei since 1989. Australia bilateral aid programme with FSM is focused on basic education and improving social and economic opportunities1. In addition to trade, investment, and direct aid, young learners from FSM also benefit from the Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships programme that provides opportunities for them to study at selected education institutions.

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What is the Best Travel Insurance for Visitors to Australia?

The best travel insurance for visitors to Australia is the one that meets, or comes close to meeting, your needs. Every traveller has different requirements for travel insurance, with someone with a pre-existing medical condition wanting cover that includes medical benefits for their condition, while someone who plans on participating in high-risk activities such as skydiving, mountaineering, or skiing will want travel insurance that doesn’t exclude cover for these activities. The easiest way to find the best travel insurance for your needs is to compare travel cover, paying close attention to the cost, the benefits and limits, and specific exclusions or conditions mentioned in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Most insurers will offer benefits such as these as standard:


Benefit limit

per adult

Cancellation or travel deferment costs

Up to $20,000

Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses

Up to $20,000

Medical expenses, including hospitalisation

Up to $200,000

Travel delays

Up to $1,200

Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage and personal effects

Up to $4,000

Personal Liability

Up to $5-million

The exact benefit limit won’t be the same for all insurers, but you will also notice special conditions linked to each benefit which could make one insurer more appealing to you than another.

Can I Buy Travel Insurance if I’ve Already Left Micronesia?

It is highly recommended that you take out travel insurance at the same time as you book for your flight and accommodation, since that would afford you cover for unexpected cancellations, delays, and even having your luggage go missing or being damaged during your flight from Pohnpei to Australia. However, you can buy visitor travel insurance after you have already arrived in Australia, though you would need to know that you will only be covered for any events that happen after you have received your Certificate of Insurance, and even then there might be waiting periods for certain benefits, such as the medical benefits. Some waiting periods could last up to 28 days, making it only feasible to buy your travel insurance later if you intend being in Australia for an extended period of time.

Can I Buy Travel Insurance for my Children?

Children under the age of 25 years are automatically covered at no extra charge if they are travelling with an adult who takes out travel insurance, but you need to disclose this to the insurer beforehand so that their details can be included on the Certificate of Insurance. If your children are travelling on their own you would need to buy travel cover for them, while remembering that some airlines won’t allow children younger than 12 years fly alone.


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