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Travel Insurance Nauru to Australia

Australia is Nauru's largest trade, investment and development assistance partner, and with the Pacific Labour Scheme, which commenced on 1 July 2018, Nauru workers can now take up low and semi-skilled work opportunities in rural and regional Australia for up to three years1. Additional people-to-people links include the Australia Award and Australia Award Pacific Scholarships programmes which allow Nauruans to study at selected Australian regional universities. All of these programmes, along with more traditional trade and professional relations, mean there are many occasions when Nauruans will find themselves having to travel to Australia for both short and long visits. And while travel insurance is not mandatory for a visit to Australia, it is something that is always worthwhile investing in when travelling overseas.

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Why Should I Get Travel Insurance?

Like any form of insurance, travel insurance offers you peace-of-mind; you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong when travelling from Nauru to Australia, but with travel insurance you know that should anything happen you won’t be out-of-pocket for various unplanned expenses. Common benefits offered by travel insurance include:

  • Hospitalisation and medical expenses in Australia – although Australian residents have access low-to-no-cost healthcare, this is not available to most visitors to Australia, and falling ill or being injured while visiting the country can prove to be quite expensive.
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged luggage, and personal belongings – arriving in Australia and learning that your luggage has been delayed or misplaced can easily spoil the rest of your trip, but with travel insurance this would be little more than a minor inconvenience, with benefits that allow you to replace lost, stolen, or damaged belongings.
  • Travel delays and trip cancellations – your circumstances could change between when you first make arrangements for your trip and when you are meant to depart, forcing you to either cancel the trip entirely, or postpone it for a few days or weeks. Some Nauru Airlines' fares are non-refundable, and without travel insurance you would have to pay full price for a new ticket.

There are other benefits, along with specific conditions that apply to all benefits, so always compare travel insurance products, and read through the provided Product Disclosure Statements for each carefully.

Are Motorcycles Covered by Travel Insurance?

The risk of being injured when operating a motorcycle or moped are greater than when driving a car, and for that reason many insurers don’t automatically offer cover for claims arising from riding a motorcycle. If you know you will be operating a motorcycle during your stay in Australia, mention it to the insurer so they can advise you immediately if you would still be covered. You may find that it is offered as an extra, in which case you will need to pay a slightly higher premium. You will also need to show that you have a valid license for motorcycles in your home country and for Australia. Your insurer will also require you to wear a helmet whenever you are riding the motorcycle.

How do I Make a Claim?

The Product Disclosure Statement for your chosen travel insurance product will include all the details and steps you need to follow when making a claim. It is important to report any incidents to your insurer as soon as possible, and in some instances you will also need to have reported it to the local police. You will need to submit supporting documentation with your claim, which may include medical certificates, statements, or repair quotes. Most insurers allow you to submit claims online, which also means your claim will be processed faster than if it were submitted by post. Unless you have paid extra for no excess claims, the excess amount listed on your Certificate of Insurance will be deducted from any claim benefit paid out to you.


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