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      • Underwriter Certain Underwriters at Lloyds
      • Customer Service1300 787 376
      • Customer Service (from outside Australia)+61 2 9234 3111
      • Claims Enquiries (non-emergencies)1300 625 229
      • Overseas Claims Enquiries+61 2 8263 0487
      • Claims Enquiries (non-emergencies)
      • Emergency Assistance ProviderWE Assist
      • Emergency Contact Number+61 2 9234 3113 or
      • Emergency Contact Number+61 2 8256 1513
      • Emergency Contact SMS+61 417 342 076
      • Emergency Contact
      • Medical Assessments1300 763 872
    • SureSave is one of Australia’s most innovative and flexible travel insurance providers. SureSave understands that travel insurance needs to be unique. With SureSave, you can choose a travel insurance plan from a range of different options depending on your budget and the nature of planned activities.

      Whether you are holidaying in Australia or overseas, travelling for business, pursuing your favourite sports destinations or simply visiting friends and relatives, it’s important to get the right cover.

      Cooling Off Period

      You have 14 days from the day you buy your policy to decide if the cover is right for you. If it’s not, you can cancel your policy within this ‘cooling-off period’ – and we’ll give you a full refund of your premium provided that you haven’t started your trip, haven’t made a claim and don’t intend to make a claim or exercise any other right under your policy. When cancelling your policy outside the cooling-off period, we won't refund any part of your premium.

About SureSave

We promise to walk the talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide world-class, Australian-based assistance through our Customer Service, Claims and Emergency Assistance teams.

Your insurance is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s (the insurer) – giving you the security of a policy issued by one of the world’s largest specialist insurance markets.

SureSave Pty Ltd ABN 82 137 885 262, AR 339902 (SureSave), is an authorised representative of Cerberus Special Risks Pty Ltd, ABN 81 115 932 173, AFSL 308461 (CSR) and is authorised by CSR to distribute and issue travel insurance policies. SureSave may also provide you with general advice about the travel insurance product.

CSR acts as the underwriting agent of the insurer under a binding authority from the insurer which means it can issue, vary, renew or cancel your insurance on their behalf. CSR is authorised to provide general financial product advice and deal in general insurance products and also handles and settles any claims you make.

SureSave provides 24/7 Emergency Assistance.

Our Australian-based team is here to help you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us on +61 2 9234 3113 or +61 2 8256 1513.

Policy Excess

SureSave standard cover includes an excess, which is your contribution towards your out-of-pocket expenses when you make a claim, and it’s shown on your COI. If you claim under an event where an excess applies, we deduct the excess amount from what we pay.

You pay one excess for each separate incident, even if you can claim for more than one event. So if you smash into a tree skiing and break a leg as well as both your skis, only one excess is applicable because this is one incident. But if you go to the doctor for gastro and then later your wallet gets stolen, these are two separate incidents — so you must pay an excess for each incident.

When you buy your policy, you can choose to pay an additional premium to reduce the standard excess to nil on the Comprehensive and Basic plans.

Making a Claim

As soon as you reasonably can:

  • Identify which event you’re covered under – see Events (when you’re covered) on page 26 for a list of covered events.

  • Read through the event and any related sections – to understand when you’re covered, what expenses (and/or benefits) you can claim, and any rules and conditions that apply.

  • Follow the ‘What to do when’ checklist for the relevant event on our website at:

  • Keep your receipts, itineraries, reports, booking and cancellation confirmations – including details of 5. any refunds received or due to you for any affected transport, accommodation, tours or events. If you don’t do this, we may either not pay your claim or reduce how much we’ll pay.

  • Go to for instructions on how to claim.

  • Collect your documents and complete the claim form.

What events can you claim for?

Your policy covers you for certain events such as when You miss your flight, other scheduled transport or tour (and it’s really not your fault). See Events (when you’re covered) on page 26 of the PDS for details of which events you’re covered for and what you can claim for if they happen.

There are general conditions and exclusions that apply to all events (see Things we’ll never cover on page 71) – and there are also specific conditions that apply to each event which determine when you’re covered – and when you’re not.

If you can’t find an event that describes what happened to you but you want to double-check, contact us for help.

What evidence will you need to provide?

The documents you need to provide to support your claim will vary, depending on the event and expense and benefit types you’re claiming for. The What to do when checklists on our website ( list the main evidence you’ll need to gather for each event — but we may also ask you for extra documents or information once we receive your claim.

If the documents you provide aren’t in English, we may ask you to translate them. And if you submit your claim electronically, you must keep the originals of all documents that you attach to your claim, as we may need you to send them to us later.

Any costs incurred as part of making a claim (for example, postage, translation, getting a repair quote) will be at your expense and aren't covered by the policy.

How will we pay you?

All claims are calculated in Australian dollars. If you claim for expenses in a foreign currency, we’ll calculate the Australian dollar equivalent using the exchange rate on the date you incurred the expense. There is no cover for any changes in the value of any expense due to currency fluctuations.

We, at our complete discretion, will pay you in one of the following ways:

  • deposit allowances or expense reimbursements directly into your Australian bank account (in AUD);

  • pay for the repair of any damaged items;

  • give you a gift card to use for replacing any items of luggage; or

  • replace any luggage items with the nearest identical item.

In the case of medical claims, we may choose to pay some or all of your expenses directly to the person or company where the expenses were incurred (for example, hospital bills).

For further information please refer to the Policy Document

Our Insurers

  • The QBE Insurance Group is Australia's largest international general insurance & reinsurance group, and one of the top 25 insurers and reinsurers worldwide.

    Claims: 1300 555 017
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  • CHI has been in the business of providing quality products to Australians for over thirty years.

    Claims: 1300 654 811
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  • SureSave is one of Australia’s most innovative and flexible providers. SureSave understands that travel insurance needs to be unique.

    Claims: 1300 625 229
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  • Aussietravelcover Pty. Ltd. specialises in worldwide travel insurance for Australian residents travelling internationally or domestically.

    Claims: 1300 667 132
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