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Southern Cross Travel Insurance


Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) is currently not available through You are welcome to visit their website for more information or compare travel insurance options available from us.

Policy Options

Single Trip: Southern Cross provides cover for a single return journey, for up to 12-months overseas.

Annual Multi-Trip: Southern Cross provides cover for an unlimited number of trips overseas within a 12-month period, commencing on the start date of your insurance policy. You will need to select a maximum trip duration, and each subsequent trip will need to be no longer than your maximum trip duration.

Summary of Benefits

These apply to both single trips and annual multi-trips.


Type of cover

Maximum cover amount in AU$

Medical and evacuation

*Excess applies


Unlimited cover


Cancelling or changing your journey before you leave

*Excess applies


$2,500 per journey or the amount selected


$5,000 per journey or the amount selected

Changes to your journey once you have left

*Excess applies


$50,000 per journey


$100,000 per journey

Baggage and personal items

*Excess applies


$25,000 per journey


$50,000 per journey

Cash, bank cards, travel documents and passports

*Excess applies


$1,000 per journey


$2,000 per journey

Personal accident

Individual (16-80 years)

$25,000 per journey

Individual (15 years or under, or 81 years or over)

$1,000 per journey

Family (16-80 years)

$50,000 per journey

Family (15 years or under, or 81 years or over)

$1,000 per journey

Personal liability


$1,000,000 per journey


Rental vehicle excess


$5,000 per journey


Optional: Moped and motorbike cover



Optional: Skiing and snowboarding cover



General Exclusions

  • Being under the influence or addicted to the use of alcohol or drugs, including any misconduct engaged in while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Failure to follow Southern Cross emergency assistance directions or instructions.

  • Participating in gambling and any loss that occurs.

  • Any events related to an official government directive, restrictions, prohibition, quarantine, or detention including border closure or government seizures.

  • Medical necessities resulting from: A sexually transmitted infection; travelling against medical advice; elective or cosmetic procedures or treatment and any complications that arise; having an abortion where it is not medically necessary to do so.

  • The use of a moped or motorbike unless special cover has been taken out by means of an extra premium and it has been confirmed on your certificate of insurance.

  • Any natural events that take place before the start date of your insurance policy. If the natural event only affects the infrastructure, transport, systems, and services related to your journey for 24-hours or less, then cover will resume once services are back to normal. If it affects the area for longer than 24-hours, then cover will resume after 21 consecutive days of normal service operation.

  • Any medical condition which has not been specified previously, which affects your health prior to the start date of your single-trip journey or first journey on a multi-trip policy.

  • Costs or expenses incurred outside the period of insurance.

  • Intentionally or recklessly placing yourself in danger, where your safety becomes a concern.

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions which are not covered by the policy.

  • Any pregnancy after the 20th week of gestation.

  • Attempted suicide or self-harm attempts.

  • Any claims for ‘Loss of enjoyment’.

  • Skiing or snowboarding which has not been specified on your insurance certificate, where an extra premium has been paid for cover.

  • Participating in any contact sports, professional sporting activities, or high-risk activities, where your safety is a concern.

  • Travelling to a country with a “Do not travel” advisory or “Reconsider your need to travel” advisory in place by the Australian government.

  • Any unlawful activity.

  • Any riots, civil unrest, wars, or propaganda, where advance warnings were in place before your trip.

Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

The Southern Cross Travel Insurance policy does not automatically cover any pre-existing medical conditions, but may be able to offer cover for some pre-existing medical conditions once you have undergone an online medical assessment.

Cooling Off Period

You can cancel your policy with Southern Cross and receive a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the policy terms and conditions. This can be done provided you have not yet made a claim, within 14-days of the start date of insurance (for single trip policy), or on the issue date of insurance (for multi-trip policy), as long as it is prior to your first date of journey.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance Claims Process

  • Claims must be made as soon as is practically possible after an unexpected event has taken place.

  • Submit your claim via, by entering the main policy holder’s details. This will produce a claim number. Write about your claim in details and post any supporting documentation.

  • Provide all reasonable assistance, documentation, and evidence to assist the claims process. These could include: Proof of refunds; translations; repair reports; reports from a registered medical practitioner; death certificates; police report; airline report; travel agent, or other authority reports.

  • You may only claim for actual costs and no additional costs.

Southern Cross Contact Details


Southern Cross Benefits Limited



Enquiry Number

1800 196 484

Overseas Enquiry Number

+61 1800 196 484

Southern Cross 24/7 Emergency Assistance

+61 2 9191 1180

Postal Address

GPO Box 3973, Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia

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