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Travel Insurance Samoa to Australia

Australia has several programs in place to assist and support economic growth, health, education, and governance in Samoa1. In addition to being a popular destination for young Samoans wanting to study further, Australia is also home to more than 20,000 Samoa-born people2. So, there are many reasons for Samoans to visit Australia other than tourism.

Regardless of whether you are travelling from Samoa to Australia for a bit of site seeing or to visit family and friends, travel insurance is always a smart investment for the peace-of-mind it offers for the full duration of your trip. And with different insurers offering different levels of cover and benefits, it is also smart to compare travel insurance products rather than just buying the first one you find.

What Type of Benefits can I Expect from Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance isn’t only necessary when travelling to destinations known to have a crime problem, or where certain diseases and illnesses are prevalent. Your luggage and personal belongings could be lost or stolen when travelling to any destination, and the medical benefits offered by travel insurance aren’t only designed to cover expenses related to serious health ailments. Just as you could slip and injure yourself at home, you could easily have the same accident on holiday, and while any serious injury will certain spoil your trip, with travel insurance you won’t have to also worry about what treating the injury is going to cost you. Below is an example of some of the benefits offered by travel insurance from Samoa to Australia, though the actual limits will vary:


Applicable limits

per adult

Cancellation or holiday deferment costs

Up to $20,000

Emergency travel arrangements and accommodation expenses

Up to $20,000

Medical expenses

Up to $200,000

Travel delays

Up to $1,200

Luggage and personal effects

Up to $4,000

Other benefits include cover for any rental car excess you could be responsible for if your rental car is damaged, along with cover for the costs involved in replacing lost or stolen travel documents, including passports.

Are Children Also Covered by Travel Insurance?

Most travel insurance products include free cover for dependents under the age of 25 travelling with their parents, grandparents, or legal guardian. The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for any travel insurance products you are considering will give the exact details of who is considered a dependent, and the type of cover they will receive. Children and young dependents only receive free travel insurance cover if they are travelling with an adult who has purchased travel insurance, and they are also listed in the travel insurance certificate that is issued by the travel insurer.

Is There any Excess When Claiming on Travel Insurance?

As with most insurance products, an excess is payable by you whenever you make a claim. The amount you will need to pay will differ from insurer to insurer but will always be listed in the PDS. Some insurers do make provision for you to pay a slightly higher premium to remove the excess requirement, which is another good reason for comparing products beforehand.

Am I Covered for Trips to Other Destinations Outside of Australia?

Travel cover for visitors to Australia can be tailored to include cover for other destinations, but only if this is disclosed when taking out the cover. Your travel insurer will want to know what other destinations you intend visiting before returning to Samoa, and the dates of your arrival and departure in all destinations. In some instances, your insurer may also require that most of your trip be spent in Australia.



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