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Travel Insurance Solomon Islands to Australia

Flying from the Solomon Islands to Australia takes less than four hours, and with Australia being the primary development partner to the Solomon Islands, it is a popular destination for residents of the Solomon Islands to visit for a number of reasons, including university studies. Australia’s development assistance to the Solomon Islands is focused on health, education, water and sanitation, transport, telecommunications, law and justice, rural livelihoods and effective governance1 for now, with recent developments including the sinking of a new undersea high-speed internet link between the two nations. Whether you are planning on travelling from the Solomon Islands to Australia to study further, visit family or friends, or simply for a brief holiday, investing in travel insurance will offer you complete peace-of-mind for the duration of your trip. And comparing travel insurance for the Solomon Islands to Australia is simple, ensuring you are able to find a great deal that offers you all the benefits you need.

What Does Travel Insurance to Australia Cost?

The cost of travel insurance to Australia – when travelling from the Solomon Islands or any other foreign destination – is influenced by a number of factors including the duration of your trip, the number of people being covered – dependants under the age of 25 years old are usually covered free of charge – your age, and whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

What are the Benefits of Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance from the Solomon Islands to Australia offers a number of benefits, though the value of these benefits, and any conditions attached to the benefits, differ from insurer to insurer. Australian regulations require all insurance products to include a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which lists the benefits and conditions in full, and the PDS must be accessible before purchasing any insurance product. The main benefits you can expect with most travel insurance products include:

  • Luggage and personal belongings – which protects you against our luggage and/or personal belongings being lost, damaged or stolen at any point during your trip, including during your flight from the Solomon Islands to Australia. This could include a smaller benefit for your luggage not being lost, but instead being delayed.

  • Medical and hospital expenses – should you fall ill or be injured during your stay in Australia and require medical treatment or even hospitalisation, many of the expenses related to this could be covered by travel insurance. However, the value of the benefit could be limited if your treatment is related to a pre-existing medical condition that your insurer was not willing to cover.

  • Travel delays, cancellations, and lost deposits – everyone always hopes their trip abroad will be without any hitches, but unfortunately a number of unexpected events could always result in part of your trip having to be cancelled or delayed. And both cancellations and travel delays can result in additional costs being incurred. But with the right travel cover, you would be able to recuperate some of these unexpected expenses.

  • Rental vehicle excess – even if you take out insurance on your rental vehicle, if the vehicle is damaged you could still be liable for paying an excess. But with travel insurance this excess could be covered, ensuring you aren’t out-of-pocket for thousands of dollars.

As noted earlier, the exact nature of the benefits offered, along with the value for each, will differ from one travel insurance product to the next, making it essential for you to compare travel cover to ensure you get the benefits you believe offer you the best protection before and during your trip.

What Isn’t Covered by Travel Insurance?

Most travel insurance will not cover any expenses arising from your participation in certain high-risk activities, though some insurers will offer cover for some sporting activities if these are disclosed when purchasing the cover and paying an additional premium. Most insurers also have an age-limit for travel insurance, meaning if you are over a certain age you may not be able to purchase travel insurance, or might only have access to limited benefits, but these should all be detailed in the PDS. It is also worth noting that if you only buy travel insurance after your trip from the Solomon Islands to Australia has started, most benefits will only be available after a few days or weeks, with medical expenses not being covered if you have a pre-existing medical condition.


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