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Tonga is a constitutional monarchy, making it unique amongst other Pacific nations, with a monarchy that dates back more than 1,000 years. But while Tonga is a great south Pacific destination for Australians wanting a tropical getaway, Australia is an important destination for Tongans wanting to travel, further their education, or seek out new business opportunities. While Tongans can be found settled or visiting throughout Australia, the largest communities tend to be found in NSW and Victoria, though numbers do fluctuate throughout the year, with a large number of Tongans only being in Australia temporarily as part of the Seasonal Workers Programme (SWP)1. While any Tongans who intend spending six or more months in Australia might be required to take our health insurance as part of their visa application, anyone travelling to Australia should also consider travel insurance as a way to protect themselves against a number of events that could affect any traveller.

Can I Still Travel from Tonga to Australia if I’m Pregnant?

All airlines follow their own guidelines when it comes to pregnant passengers, with many airlines having restrictions that apply to passengers in their 28th to 40th week of pregnancy, such as producing a doctor’s note confirming fitness to travel, and only being allowed on flights of four hours or less. Flights from Tonga to Australia are typically longer than five hours. Similarly, most travel insurers will only offer benefits relating to your pregnancy up to the 26th week of gestation. Additional restrictions may apply if it is a multiple pregnancy, or if there have already been complications relating to the pregnancy, even if they have passed.

I Already Have Health Insurance

If you are coming to Australia from Tonga to study, or as part of a temporary work placement, you may have had to take out health insurance in order to qualify for a visa. Though not as comprehensive as other private health insurance in Australia, it would still offer benefits for necessary medical treatments and hospitalisation during your stay in Australia. But it doesn’t offer any of the other benefits provided for by travel insurance, such as:

  • Cover for your luggage or personal belongings being lost, stolen, or damaged at any point during to trip and stay in Australia.

  • Costs relating to having your travel documents being replaced if they are lost, stolen, or damaged.

  • Any costs relating to your trip from Tonga to Australia – or back home again – being delayed or cancelled.

Additionally, all health insurance products have waiting periods that apply before certain benefits can be used, which vary from a few weeks, to months. The medical benefits available through travel insurance do not have any waiting periods before becoming available, as long as the travel insurance policy was bought before leaving Tonga. So if you happen to fall ill during your flight, or slip and hurt your ankle while exiting the airport, you will be able to get medical treatment immediately, without worrying about being out-of-pocket. Australia has excellent healthcare facilities, but depending on the treatment you require, they can be quite costly.

What Should I Look for in a Travel Insurance Policy?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to what they expect from travel insurance, and the only way to find a travel insurance policy that is both affordable and offers you the type of benefits you might need is to compare travel cover from a few different providers. Pay careful attention to the benefits listed in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for each, along with specific limits, restrictions, or conditions that may apply to the overall policy, and specific benefits. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, these should be disclosed to any insurers you are considering to see if they would be willing to cover them, and what additional costs may apply.


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